Tell me about P100 Pro?

Written by: Arthur Chen



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"Tell me about the P100 Pro, Why should I buy it instead of other drones?

In the world of modern farming, drones are changing the game, making tasks faster and more precise. And leading the pack is the XAG P100 Pro.

In this blog, we're going to take a closer look at the XAG P100 Pro and why it's considered the top choice for farmers everywhere. We'll break down its impressive features and show you how it's transforming farming for the better, making things easier and more productive than ever before.

1. The Most Efficient and Durable Ag Drone

Spraying Efficiency

The XAG P100 Pro can cover an impressive 10 acres per flight while efficiently applying 2 gallons per acre. This translates to an average of 400 acres per day for each drone. 

To maximize efficiency further, a team of just two people can operate two drones simultaneously from a drone trailer, allowing them to cover 800 acres per day. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances productivity, enabling farmers to manage larger areas of land with ease and precision.

P100 Pro spraying

2. Charge Batteries in Water

  • Smart 962 wh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Emerge in water to charge
  • Take 12 mins charge 2 batteries full

3. Fully Autonomous on RTK w/o celullar service

With RTK or VRTK navigation, the P100 Pro remains fully operational to achieve optimal results even in remote or challenging environments.

  • RTK sub-inch accuracy without cellular service.
  • Take off and land at the same spot without manual flight

5. 5 gal/min Dual Peristaltic Pump

By employing two peristaltic pumps simultaneously, the P100 Pro achieves optimal coverage and uniform distribution. 

Peristaltic pumps can handle a wide range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals and abrasive slurries, with fewer moving parts and no valves to clog, peristaltic pumps require minimal maintenance compared to other pump types.

Overall, the advantages of peristaltic pumps make them an indispensable tool for modern agriculture and perfect for the P100 Pro.

  • Easily do 5 gal/acre on top speed 31 mph
  • Go all the way up to 20 gal/acre
  • 13.5 gal tank

6. Vertical Auger Spreader

aguer sizes
internal auger

The P100 Pro offers 4 types of screw feeders to ensure the best application for all types of granules.

The simple design makes it easily removable to wash the screw feeders after use to avoid caked fertilizer and prolong its service life.

  • Vertically spread without damaging propeller with granule.
  • If doing 70 lbs load, at 35 lbs/acre rate, will get 3 flights per set of batteries. Doing 22 Acres/Hour 

7. Modularized Design, Durable Hardware

Simple Design

  • Detachable payload system, switch in seconds.
  • Exposed cable and parts which can be replaced easily.
  • Parts stock and service shop in the States of Missouri, Iowa, Washington, USA, and Ontario, Canada.

The P100 Pro's thoughtful design and user-friendly features. With easily accessible components and straightforward maintenance procedures, even minor repairs can be swiftly completed by farmers themselves, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. The modular construction of the drone ensures that specific parts can be quickly replaced without the need for extensive technical expertise.


  • IPX67 Full body Water and Sand Proof.
  • Power wash the entire body, even the brain!
  • Power wash cable mainboard and flight controller

8. Avoid Obstacle Autonomously

  • Millimeter Radar with 5'~264' detection range
  • Able to detect obstacles at 31mph top speed
  • Autonomously circle around the obstacle to keep going.