Tell me about P100 Pro?

Written by: Arthur Chen



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"Tell me about the P100 Pro, Why should I buy it instead of other drones?

1. The Most Efficient and Durable Ag Drone

  • 10 acre/flight by doing 2 gal/acre fungicide

  • Average 400 acres a day per drone

  • 2 ppl crew running 2 drones together on a drone trailer, average 800 acres/day.

2. Charge Batteries in Water

  • Smart 962 wh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Emerge in water to charge
  • Take 12 mins charge 2 batteries full

3. Fully Autonomous on RTK w/o celullar service

  • RTK sub-inch accuracy without cellular service.
  • Take off and land at the same spot without manual flight

5. 5 gal/min Dual Peristaltic Pump

  • Easily do 5 gal/acre on top speed 31 mph
  • Go all the way up to 20 gal/acre
  • 13.5 gal tank

6. Vertical Auger Spreader

  • Vertically spread without damaging propeller with granule.
  • If doing 70 lbs load, at 35 lbs/acre rate, will get 3 flights per set of batteries. Doing 22 Acres/Hour 

7. Modularized Design, Durable Hardware

  • Detachable payload system, switch in seconds.
  • Exposed cable and parts which can be replaced easily.
  • Parts stock and service shop in the States of Missouri, Iowa, Washington, USA, and Ontario, Canada.
  • IPX67 Full body Water and Sand Proof.
  • Power wash the entire body, even the brain!
  • Power wash cable mainboard and flight controller

8. Avoid Obstacle Autonomously

  • Millimeter Radar with 5'~264' detection range
  • Able to detect obstacles at 31mph top speed
  • Autonomously circle around the obstacle to keep going.