Our Mission

For Farmers, By Farmers. Pegasus Robotics empower agriculture with innovative drone robotic technology.

Dedicated to enhancing farm productivity and crop yields, we offer durable, efficient, and easy-to-repair drones, backed by comprehensive training and support.

Our expertise, rooted in our agricultural heritage, drives us to deliver exceptional customer service and advanced solutions, ensuring every farmer is equipped for the future of precision agriculture.

Technical Expertise

Pegasus Robotics owners and staff come from the farm and farm themselves. Pegasus also does its own testing and validation through its own commercial operations in the field and on their own fields. This enables hands on testing which improves not only the processes taught but also the products that are used. Pegasus is constantly helping its suppliers improve and perfect their products, enabling a depth of knowledge that no other company in the industry can match. This type of feedback only improves the products and repair services which Pegasus offers. The in-field knowledge and expertise is then conveyed in training programs to its dealers and customers, increasing up-time in the field, improving operational efficiencies and quality of applications.

Customer Service and Support

Agriculture moves quickly and has narrow windows of application of wet or dry products to enhance a crops yield. Breakdowns and crashes are normal to any piece of equipment and no exception to commercial spray/spreading drones. Repairs cannot wait weeks or even days to be complete. Local dealers enable this level of service and are a critical part of Pegasus Robotics and its mission. A dealer trained and supported by Pegasus will be capable of general and advanced repairs of vehicles to help their clients get back in the field operating after any sort of incident or breakdown.