XAG P100 Pro 8 Battery Kit

XAG P100 Pro 8 Battery Kit

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Our Most Requested and Recommended Drone Package

  • P100 Pro 2023 Drone
  • RevoSpray3 Sprayer Module
  • ARC3 Pro dual hand Controller with RTK module
  • 8x B1396S 960Wh Li-polymer Battery
  • 2x CM13600 Super Charger
  • 1x Hydro Cooling water tank

    XAG P100 Pro Spray Drone

    13.5 gal Tank

    Bigger payload

    5.8 gal/min Volume

    Dual pump mega flow

    70 acre/hour Efficiency

    with 2 gal/acre rate

    110 lbs Payload

    Up to 21 gal volume spreader

    330 lbs/min Spread Rate

    Brand New 57" Blade

    Even more powerful motor

    Fold it and Go

    Arms and blades can be folded to save 65% of space.

    Arm designed to release stress in the flight

    Two safety buckle, secure and fast detach

    IPX6K Water Proof for high-pressure water jet wash


    Dual Pump Mega Flow

    • Max flow rate 5.8 gal/min
    • Droplet from 60~400 microns
    • Spray swath up to 33 ft
    • Pump durability increased by 3 times

    Assisted Manual Flight

    assistance in manual
    flight; One tap to switch lanes; Adaptive spray volume by flight

    Dual Cameras

    Front and downward cameras allow the operator to
    manually fly and map field boundaries.

    No Cellular or RTK Service Required

    No cellular service is needed for the operation; Connect drone and phone through ARC3 Pro Controller; Allow GPS or Virtual RTK-guided operation
    Allow manual position correction.

    XAG RevoSpray 3

    Even BIgger with Mega Flow

    Dual peristaltic pumps

    Maximum flow rate up to 5.8 gal/min

    Quick release spray bar

    Easy to disassemble, transport and maintain

    13.5 gal smart tank

    Real-time dose sensing

    XAG RevoCast 3

    Precise & Fast Spread

    4 models of augers. Rapeseed, rice seed, urea, compound fertilizer...No matter what kind of particles, it can be "tailored".

    After the operation, remove the auger and wash it to prevent the fertilizer from hardening.
    Extend equipment life.

    When a possible material jam occurs, the auger motor will run at full speed,
    The compacted fertilizer can be crushed and spread more smoothly.

    The material of the key stress-bearing parts is strengthened, and the durability is greatly improved.
    Reduce the risk of jamming.

    We Charge Batteries in the Water, YES, with ICE too!