Warranty and After-sale Service

All agriculture drone, unmanned ground vehicle and sensing drone on-sale comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Please click here to see details of the warranty policy: Warranty and After-sale Policy

- Customers must notify of any warranty claim as soon as possible. Once we receive the details about the claim, a workshop staff will assess the information. (Photo and video showing the issue is always preferred. Please provide as much info as possible)

- Many of the issues customers report may be a result of incorrect settings or installation - troubleshooting advice will be provided that can fix the issue instantly in many cases. However, not all problems can be fixed without physical inspection by a technician.

- If the problem is not fixed - based on the information supplied, customers will be advised to either send the defective unit/part for repair/testing. Where appropriate, the customers may be supplied with new parts if the part is easy to install.

- The Service Centre will then assess the damage/defect and carry out the necessary repairs and send the item back to the customer after the repaired item is tested.

- All repairs and replacement will be provided completely free of charge for any product that meets the Warranty Conditions of the Manufacturer.

- Damage to the product due to lack of flying experience, incorrect setup, crazy flying, negligence, dead battery, mishandling is not covered by any of the Warranty.

Yes, Agriculture Drone Smart Battery Warranty:

- Within the first 6months, or the first 200 Full-Charge Cycles from the date of purchase.

- Which above conditions came first will activate the following warranty term.

- Replace to new one once the battery failed to fully charge.

- This warranty policy doesn't apply to the remote sensing drone battery.