Mixmate Fusion w/ 3 Product Flow Stack

Mixmate Fusion w/ 3 Product Flow Stack

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Mixmate Fusion w/ 3 Product Flow Stack

Include Mixmate Fusion and Stack, No Carrier Valve, No Carrier Meter Included. This is a Base Kit.

The Mixmate Fusion combines the best features of Mixmate in a compact and economical package.  The Mixmate Fusion measures by flow for automatic chemical mixing from bulk products and a specially designed plastic inductor which measures by weight all in one compact unit.  The small footprint of the Mixmate Fusion saves valuable floor space on spray tender trailers.

The new plastic inductor has a high flow rate rinsing system for better handling of dry products.  The Fusion Inductor has two modes of operation for dry products.  A new continuous flow mode is used for whole containers of dry products.  A large stream of water flows around the rim of the inductor cone and washes down the sides of the inductor. 

The computer monitors the weight of the inductor and modulates the drain valve on the bottom of the inductor to hold a small pool of water.  Dry products can be poured into this flow of water which is pumped directly to the applicator or batch tank.  The inductor does not measure the products in the continuous mode and is normally used for whole containers which are easily counted.  Partial containers are measured by the inductor in the second mode.  A pool of water is captured in the inductor and the scale measures the dry chemical as it is added.  The mixture is then pumped out and the inductor is rinsed.


The Fusion has the same patent-pending jug processing system as the original Mixmate to drain, measure, rinse, record, and reconcile the data from a jug in about 12 seconds.

Mixmate Fusion gets its name from the combination of the inductor for jugs and dry products and a stack of valves and a flowmeter to measure the bulk products.  The new software and electronics automatically route multiple bulk chemical inputs and rinse water through a single flowmeter.  This combination lowers the cost of measuring bulk products.  Three valves are used for bulk chemicals and a fourth valve is connected to rinse water to flush the manifold and flowmeter. 

Each bulk chemical is measured in the order listed in the prescription automatically.  There are two flowmeter options, a magmeter and a gear type flowmeter.  The gear meter is the most commonly used meter since it works across a wide variety of chemicals without the need of recalibration.  The magmeter works well with thick water-based chemicals and fertilizers.

The scale and flowmeter come precalibrated and no additional calibrations are needed in the field.  The Fusion features a stainless steel frame for low maintenance and long life.  Fusion is compatible with existing Mixmate components for system expansion through CAN Bus connections.