XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit
XAG P100 8 Battery Kit

XAG P100 8 Battery Kit

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  • P100 Drone with RevoSpray2 Sprayer Module
  • ARC 3 Pro Handheld Controller
  • 8x B1396S 960Wh Li-polymer Battery
  • 2x CM13600 Super Charger
  • Hydro Coolling water tank
  • P100-2022


    XAG P100 Spray Drone

    Higher Efficiency

    Two 962 kW h Battery

    Detachable Flight Platform

    Fast switch payload, Easy transit

    Full Autonomous Flight

    APP one-tap control

    RTK Centimetre-level Positioning

    RTK Centimetre-level Positioning

    Precise, fully autonomous flight

    Precise Spray

    60~400 micrometer centrifuge sprayer

    Safe and Reliable

    4D Radar, Circle around obstacle

    Detach and Transit

    In one second, separate flight system from payload. Easy switching gear, transit and maintenance.

    Flight system in one piece, Sturdy & Durable

    Two safety buckle, secure and fast detach

    IPX6K Water & Dust Proof

    XAG RevoSpray 2

    Drenching, precise and subtle

    New generation of peristaltic pumps

    Maximum flow rate up to 12 l/min

    Intelligent centrifugal atomization

    60-400 micron atomization range

    High efficiency plant protection

    10 m maximum spray width

    Nozzle cut-off valve

    No dripping during operation turning and transportation

    Quick release spray bar

    Easy to disassemble, transport and maintain

    40 liter smart tank

    Real-time dose sensing

    XAG RevoCast 2

    Precise & Fast Spread

    In-line opposed centrifugal spreading discs

    Strong wind resistance, more accurate spreading

    Intelligent screw feeder

    Change the screw according to the size of the particles,
    Precise and non-sticking fertilizer

    50-liter feed box

    Radar detection of residual material to prevent stranding Idling and leakage

    High speed flight

    Flying speed up to 13.8 m/s
    280 kg of fertilizer can be spread with one battery

    Precisely adjustable spreading swath

    The spreading width can be adjusted only by the flight height

    Quick detachable and washable

    Quickly removable and replaceable gibs
    Easy to clean

    Adaptable and flexible obstacle bypassing

    The 4D imaging radar and ground radar module work perfectly together to sense and predict the location, distance, movement direction, and speed of all obstacles within 40 meters, quickly bypass obstacles.